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Indulge in the comfort of the ultra slim, ultra-lightweight and fashionably designed OGAWA estiloPRIME, that features the latest, most advanced innovative technology – the mechanism of a massage chair is now compressed into a cushion size. OGAWA estiloPRIME comes with a set of twin rollers that offers you 3D protrusion massage, together with the intelligent motorized timer (IMT) that enables the rollers to stimulate a human-like massage tempo.



Uses traditional kneeding and rolling massage techniques, paired with revolutionary tapping to reinstate your back into its optimal state.



Dynamic combination of all 3 massage techniques(kneading, rolling and tapping), coupled with IMT Technology to give you a mixture of strength level, to freshen up the tired mind and stressful body.



To stimulate tensed muscles with light kneading and rolling, plus soothing vibration and heat to rock and suggle your tired body, to help you relax after a long day.


Extra long massage

The 585mm extra long massage track: from the neck & shoulder to the back & lumber area, for maximum coverage and ultimate relaxation.


Massage rollers

Ergonomically designed massage rollers, capable of protruding up to 40mm, allowing it to massage exhausted spots on your back with better accuracy and strength, for optimum comfort.


5 New Massage Combinations


Lively / Soulful Massage 

A breakthrough in the traditional kneading techniques, like the hands of masseur, offering a full back massage that combines kneading, rolling and tapping amidst tender vibration, to melt away the stiffness and the accumulation of lactic acid in your body, for an ultimate relaxing experience.


Rhythmic Kneading 

The double-orbit massage heads are capable of oscillating back-and-forth up to 12°, to penetrate wider and deeper into the body, to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism, and release strain and soreness.


Tui-Na Back Therapy

Focusing between the Da Zhui and Feng Fu acupoints, where stress and pains heap up, to reactivate fatigued cells, help clear off toxins from muscles and nerve tissues, sooth exhausted body.


Heat Therapy 

Infrared hot compression technology that gives you a stable 55°C soothing heat, that also helps to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and the reactivation of the tense muscles.


Seat Vibration 

Classic vibration benefit to improve blood circulation at the buttocks areas, to loosen up tensed muscle from sitting too long.


Product Name OGAWA estiloPRIME Mobile Massage Chair
Model No OG 0968
Power Source 220V – 240V
Alternating Current 50~60Hz
Output Voltage 12V 5A
Power Consumption 60W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 830mm x 250mm x 498mm
Weight 7.1kg

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