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Introducing the all-new OGAWA MYsofa massage chair, a creation designed with sophistication and elengence in mind, and equipped with a superior massage mechanism. Now with enhanced high-tech massage modes, OGAWA MYsofa can effortlessly elevate your massage experience.


L-Evated comfort from neck to calf

OGAWA MYsofa features a 93.5 cm-long L-massage track for extended pleasure from your neck to calves. Feel as through a personal masseuse is focusing on each area with the utmost patience and precision. Say goodbye to sore, tired muscles and hello toa relaxed and refreshed self, as you experience a selection of 4 automated massage programes, 5 human-like massage techniques and the mechanism of a profesional massage chair.

OGAWA MYsofa's Mechanism

OGAWA MYsofa's superior mechanism deliverers a wide range of massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, knocking and shiatsu.

Regular Massage Mechanism

Regular massage mechanism use basic massage techniques to provide users with limited massage modes.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity position (126 degrees +/-7 degrees), where your knees are alevated in parallel with your heart, is the er

Rocking function

OGAWA MYsofa is designed with a light rocking mode, which replicates natural motions of a cradle to soothe and calm your body. Feel like a baby while you enjoy your massage!

Zero wall

The space- saving chair features a zero wall design, whereby the front of the chair slides out when reclined, effectively occupying minimal space at the rear

Surround sound

Connect your mobile phone or digital music player for a more immersive massage experience.


The 4 airbags - 2 fitted on each side of your hips - can effortlessly shape your waist and lift your hips.

Precise Massage

Enjoy full control over the massage function to your liking  with specific functions such as Spot Massage and Partical Back Massage.

Oscillating Function

Specialised vibrating functing focuses on your calves and immediately relieves sore gastrocnemius muscles.

4 Automated massage programmes

Shape N' Tone

Leet the airbags lift from below, as airbags on both sides consistently, apply Pressure to your buttocks, delivering a comprehensive massage for your buttocks, all the while bringing you one step closer to a perfect figure.


This 8 minute comprehensive deep-tissue massage programme incorporates kneading, Tuina, tapping and rocking to effectively relieve stress and ease sore muscles from neck to calf.

Neck N' Shoulder

Relaxes your sore neck and shoulder muscles by focusing on specify pressure points.

rest N' Relax

Soothe sore lower back muscles as a result of asedentary lifestyle, with good old fashioned knocking and kneading.

Foot Reflexology

Provides soothing and relaxing automatic foot massage which helps to stimulate the muscles around your feet.


5 Kỹ thuật massage như người thật



Product Name OGAWA MYsofa
Model No OS 3118
Power Source AC220V-240V
Alternating Current 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50W
Angle of inclination Backrest: Approx. 112º - 130º
Footrest: Approx. 18º - 96º
Automatic Power-off Approx. 15 min
Dimensions (LxWxH) Upright position: Approx. 93.5cm x 65cm x 105cm
Reclined position: Approx. 143cm x 65cm x 88cm
Weight Approx. 46kg
Max. body weight of user 100kg


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