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OGAWA takes pride in creating revolutionary ideas to innovate and exceptional engineering practices to deliver the ultimate rejuvenating experiences.​

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Master Drive Series

More Than A.I​

Discover the Technology of Tomorrow, for the Best Massage Today. Each Master Drive is built to be ‘different’. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, indulge in the best massage experience that is unique to each individual user.

Foot Series

Safe & Caring
Innovative design and adaptive functionality, get total rejuvenation and maximum massage coverage for your entire legs​

Mobile Series​

Excite Your Journey​

​Designed specifically to meet the demands of a digital and sedentary lifestyle.


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Smart Jazz

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Zen Masters P

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What Are Our Customers Talking About?

What Are Our Customers Talking About?

Mr.Phạm Minh Chí

“I believe that with the high-class service as well as the quality of products that I receive when buying at OGAWA, OGAWA will surely quickly become a new health symbol of Vietnamese youth because of its relentless efforts in improving the customer shopping experience”.

P.GĐ Vận Hành Domino’s Pizza Việt Nam.
Kiêm P.TGĐ Vận Hành của IPPG —– Smart Jazz Massage Chair

Mr. Dane Fort

“Mental health is also the foundation for a holistic health, so choosing products that provide both physical and mental relaxation will be my focus. And the OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair is my choice.”

General Director of FLG Vietnam
—– Master Drive AI Massage Chair

Ông Nguyễn Khánh Trình

“Master Drive AI is a massage chair where I find a variety of features from body massage, heat therapy, sound therapy, light, scanbody, heart rate measurement, blood oxygen measurement, etc. along with AI technology that allows voice control and automatically recommends suitable massage methods. It is more than a massage chair.”

CEO Clever Ads
—– Master Drive AI Massage Chair

Shark Nguyễn Mạnh Dũng

"I have experienced many massage chairs, but this is the first time I have experienced true massage relaxation with OGAWA's Master Drive AI chair. Only experienced for 15 minutes, the body is much more comfortable. In particular, I am quite impressed with the combination of artificial intelligence technology that helps to optimize relaxation when the chair itself can automatically understand my body condition."

Director of CyberAgent Vietnam & Thailand Investment Fund
—– Master Drive AI Massage Chair

Thuận Nguyễn

“This is a gift of health that I would like to give to my grandmother and mother – who I love, with the hope that my grandmother and mother will be well taken care of and always be healthy by my side. And I believe these qualities The ability that I learn from this massage chair will be the right choice and best fit my expectations.”

—– Smart Jazz Massage Chair

Liêu Hà Trinh

“What Trinh likes most about this Master Drive AI chair is its sensitivity, with just one sentence “HEY OGAWA!” was able to start up and perform separate care massage treatments for each health condition of themselves and their loved ones”.

—– Smart Jazz Massage Chair

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