Zen Foottee


Indulge In Pure Tranquillity

Start your days feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized. The Tapping Foottee is your answer to improved feet health through a wholesome reflexology experience, for greater and more meaningful journeys ahead


Zen Foottee

Comfy Therapy Foot Reflexology​


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Zen Footee


OF 3005


42 x 38 x 28 (cm)



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3 Auto Programs

3 Professional foot reflexology programs to suit different needs:
Relax | Restore | Rejuvenate.

Tapping And Rolling Massage

Signature tapping massage that stimulates the movement of tap dance focusing on the heel and dynamically integrated with rolling massage to leave you feeling relaxed and boosted right away.

Airbag And Heater

Cocoons your feet with airbags & relaxing warmth, effectively relieve muscle tensions and melt away fatigue.


3 Massage Techniques

Pamper your feet and soothe away fatigue with thermotherapy and airbag compressions. The Tapping Foottee harmoniously combines traditional massage techniques that work in perfect unison to relax, revive and re-energize your feet.

Rolling & Kneading

Traditional Sole Scraping

Shiatsu Massage

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Zen Foottee


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