Comfi Back Lower Back​

Lower Back Air Traction Massager​

Your Daily 10-Minute Stretching Routine​

Just spend 10 minutes lay on Comfi Back massager to stretch and massage your body, helps promotes blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and discomfort.


Comfi Back Lower Back


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Product Name

EliteX 3D Foot Reflexology


OM 1003


40 x 17.2 x 5.7cm


1.06 ± 0.1 kg

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Intelligent Dynamic Air Traction​

The inflation mechanism gradually lifts, stretches, and separated the joints. With one lift and one down auto massage mode will correct your lumbar vertebrae step by step and keep your pains away. ​

Vibration Massage​

Multi-frequency vibration, helps relieve muscle stiffness and discomfort. 2 level of vibration massage mode can be chosen to meet personal preference: Low & Strong.​

Heat Therapy​

With constant temperature control, the heating function provides a soothing and invigorating heat that delivers a warm and gentle massage. ​

Ergonomic Streamlined Design​

The slim and sleek, ergonomically designed to fit most people's lower back. Helps to restore the lumbar spine to its normal physiological curvature of 26°. ​

Detachable & Soft Sponge Cover​

Ogawa Comfi Back massager comes with a detachable sponge cover, it can be used with or without based on individual preference and easy to clean.​

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Comfi Back Lower Back


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