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Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

All items and conditions listed below are applicable to products registered to Health Solutions Ltd, and placed as orders by Customers under the conditions of the 3 Day Experiential Program.​

The 3 Days Experiential Program allows you to experience the massage and functions of the desired product from OGAWA for a period of 3 Days, with a one-time free delivery of the product to one address and a one-time free collection from the same address.

The experiential period will start on the date that the product is delivered to you. At the end of the experiential period, the product will be collected and returned to OGAWA.

Please note that the experiential program is available to you if you wish to experience the product for non-commercial use in a residential property in Ho Chi Minh city & Ha Noi only. This experiential program is strictly not available for any other areas.

During this 3 Day Experiential Program period, our specialist will be made conveniently available to you to further assist and guide you through all the functions, benefits and usage of the experiential product so that you may experience the full massage capacity and enjoyment during the experiential period.

Assigned Specialists will be available for via Zalo, video or phone calls during your experiential period

Upon completion of your 3 Day Experiential Program, you may enquire with us for more information regarding promotions to purchase the product.

The 3 Day Experiential Program is offered for all types of OGAWA’s massage chairs​

In order to give all our clients the best experiential feeling and trial the True Massage, OGAWA does not apply any cost for your trial. But signed contract should be applied with T&C.

You must ensure that you (or a person authorized by you) is present at the delivery address to receive or hand-over the experiential product with Official OGAWA delivery personnel. You or the authorized figure must be able to provide official verification that he/she is residing at the delivery location legally.

Both delivery and collection are free for the first attempt only. For each subsequent delivery attempt and/or collection attempt, including due to unsuccessful attempts, it will be considered as rescheduling and a there will be a re-scheduling charge involved. Payment for rescheduling fees will be advised accordingly.

You may contact OGAWA to arrange for a re-scheduling of delivery/collection via hotline +84888666065 or you may contact your specialist assigned to you.

OGAWA will use product brand new for your trial period, then you can experience and trial all functions.

You will be entitled to receive a replacement unit if the product is deemed to have broken down during the 7-day due to manufacture defects. Please note that replacement arrangements will not be valid due to the following reasons:

(a) any damage that results from changes, alterations or additions made to the product that were not performed by OGAWA or its authorised agents;

(b) deliberate acts of vandalism, loss of unit or part thereof, or due to natural causes; or

(c) faults caused by operating the product outside design specifications or outside any documentation or manuals supplied with the product; and

(d) internal and external consumable parts and accessories, such as batteries, cloth covers and outer casings.

If your product breaks down during the 3-day period, you may request for a replacement of the experiential product by reach out via hotline +84888666065. You may also reach out to your product specialist for assistance.

An OGAWA representative will contact you within 24 hours from receiving your request for a replacement to make arrangements for our personnel to conduct an on-site check-up for the product at your delivery address with social distancing and proper hygiene measures. If the product is deemed as broken down or does not conform to the Acceptance Condition by our personnel on-site, we will collect the product from your delivery address and a replacement of the product will be delivered to you at your delivery address. Replacement units are subjected to stock and color availability.

Your 3-day experiential period will be suspended from the date when you sent us your request for a repair/replacement, and will commence again from the date when OGAWA repairs your product or delivers a replacement product.

After the end of the 3-day period, you must return the product to us along with all of its accompanying accessories and operation manuals (if any) in the same condition as it was in when it was first delivered to you. However, you will not be responsible for deterioration in the condition of the product resulting from normal wear and tear.

If the product is altered, tampered with, damaged (excluding the endorsed acknowledgment between you and OGAWA of the wear and tear conditions presented upon first delivery attempt) or destroyed while the product is in your possession, you will be deemed to have purchased the experiential product from us for the full retail price of a display set model as at the date of your order of the Experiential Program. In such a case, OGAWA may charge a fee for the damage, it will be advised accordingly.​