Blackhead removal​

Personal acne suction machine

Clean sebum, prevent acne bacteria​

OGAWA Beauty IPL personal acne vacuum cleaner uses vacuum pressure to assist in cleaning acne, dirt, and sebum,
helping to reduce damaged skin compared to traditional acne cleaning methods such as: squeezing.
Acne with metal tools, manual acne, acne removal, very suitable for removing all kinds of acne such as:
blackheads, acne bran, acne hidden under the skin, acne.​


Black Head Removal


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Product Name

Beauty IPL




163 x 43 x 60 (mm)​


143 ± 0.1 g

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3 customizable modes with 3 flexible acne suction heads, suitable for each need and each skin area​

The camera connects to the phone app allowing you to observe the skin condition.​

Remember skin changes with capture and recording function​

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Black Head Removal


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