The Innovation Technology

Experience the Future of Massage Technology.

Extraordinary Advanced

M.5 GEN ® Technology

The M.5 GEN Technology encompasses an array of key technological advancements that work in​ tandem to create a massage chair that knows massage well, and one that knows you better.


Designed From The Heart


Design From The Heart

Range Of Massage

Highly maximised through incorporating elemental enhancements of all preceding generations of mechanism technology. Combinations of an extended massage track, improved 3D Motions of individual massage rollers and increased depth of protrusion blends seamlessly to ensure a complete massage coverage.

Massage Techniques

Ability to incorporate and perform a plethora of widely practiced massage techniques. Capable of intelligently mix and matching multiple massage techniques into complex combinations. Various massage programs are not only designed to suit specific lifestyle needs, users are able to fine-tune massage settings for enhanced accuracy, comfort and power.

Mechanism Technology

Powered by state-of-the-art M.5 Gen® Microprocessor, the Master Drive Plus’s revolutionary massage engine combines power and delicateness, delivering precision scanning and analysis. Assimilating the role of the brain, it delivers aLIVE TOUCH that reacts and adapts massage motions and intensity in real-time. Enhanced with thermal processors, the M.5 Gen® mechanism is capable of delivering a human-like massage experience through its isolated thermal massage rollers.